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BikeSafe-London Our professional police motorcyclists help you become safer and more confident, however you choose to ride. Our aim is simple: to help you enjoy safer biking even more. ScooterSafe-London Do you worry about where to put yourself on the road or sometimes find yourself caught by surprise? Our Rider Skills Day will help you improve your skills and become a safer and more confident scooter rider.

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Status updated: 29th May, 2015

Would Constable 'Bestie' Best upload the pic of the London North-East crew from May 28th?

Photo posted on: 29th May, 2015

BikeSafe London North 28th May

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Status updated: 28th May, 2015

No pics for London South 22nd May yet? Or did I look so bad on a Police bike that they had to be been censored?

Link posted on: 26th May, 2015

Ride To Work Week – 15th – 21st June 2015

Photo posted on: 26th May, 2015

BikeSafe London North May 22nd

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