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BikeSafe-London Our professional police motorcyclists help you become safer and more confident, however you choose to ride. Our aim is simple: to help you enjoy safer biking even more. ScooterSafe-London Do you worry about where to put yourself on the road or sometimes find yourself caught by surprise? Our Rider Skills Day will help you improve your skills and become a safer and more confident scooter rider.

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Status updated: 26th Feb, 2015

So, now I've passed my test how soon can I do another course on a bigger bike? Did it on 20th December out of Triumph in Romford

Link posted on: 23rd Feb, 2015


Status updated: 23rd Feb, 2015

Good to see PC Bevis this morning at McDonalds Bow. (Outside!!). Looking forward to my next BikeSafe course booked for a few months time.

Link posted on: 18th Feb, 2015

Motorcycle Industry Association GB

Status updated: 18th Feb, 2015

Message from the DVLA, please take a look and be aware of the changes.. ************************************************************************************* Changes to the driving licence counterpart are summarised in our latest video: #nomorecounterpart